The Five Best Ways to Read Free Audiobooks

Are you new to audiobook experience and are hesitant to start one? Well, then we had the same resistance.

I was also a little dubious to start my first Audiobook. I always felt I might never get the experience we get in a book. But things changed when I heard my first book on my way to commute.
I was bored and had nothing to do. I felt let’s give it a try, and since then, I got hooked on these audiobooks.

So if you are starting a new journey or looking for ways to read these audio contents for free? Well, read more to find the best Audiobooks for free.


You can find hundreds of Audiobooks for free on YouTube. Also, there is the same audio content uploaded by different users, available in various languages.

If you can’t spend much time, YouTube offers summarised versions of the books.

To get the best out of YouTube, I suggest opting for a premium version. Because then you can download or even turn off your screen while listening to your favourite content.

Things to consider while searching for the book is the audio quality. At times you might find computer-generated audio, and any audio without emotion will feel monotonous, and you will feel bored. So go through the options and find the best audio for yourself.


Spotify is another app where you can find the best audiobooks. The app has different playlists that include the complete book or interesting takeaways, else summaries of a book.

Yes, the premium version has its benefits, like you can download it and limited advertisement. But if you are annoyed with the ads, here is the link on how to mute Spotify ads and use them like a boss.


Audible offers one of the best audiobooks apps. I started my first book with Audible and got stuck in its immersive experience. Yes, it is a premium subscription app. But, if you are an Amazon Prime user, you can access the trial version for a few months.

With Audible, you can download your favourite book and listen to it offline. It is a great app, and you will tend to find many offers for the app. So try to grab one and give it a try.

Google Play Books

Playbooks are just like Kindle Store. You can purchase your favourite books here. But there are times when they offer the audiobooks for free. Yes, it will be a tiring task to keep an eye on the price.

But if it’s legal and free, I say waiting for it is good. Also, Google sometimes sends some offers on books, so be alert.

Online Content

There are many sources online to get audiobooks for free legally. Some of the top websites are LibriVox, Loyal Books, Project Gutenberg, and Learn Out Loud.

Here you can find lots of content, but double-check before you click download, as many books have computer-generated audio.

These are some of my app suggestions from the lot. There are so many free apps and sources available online. But, if you have any one of the apps from the list. You don’t have to download another one and reduce your phone storage.

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