Reminder Apps You Need for 2021

We all have set targets for 2021. Also would have made up plans we wanted to achieve, which we could not do in 2021. Yes, it is usual for us to forget our plan because of the heavy workload we have.

But, I have read from many places it takes 30 days to form a habit. So wouldn’t it be great if we have someone reminding us to do the task?
Well, if you own a smartphone, you already have somebody breathing down your neck.

Before we look up the best reminder apps, we must consider Google Assistant and Siri on the list. They both can act as our assistants, help us with reminders, note down the task, etc.

Yes, both tools are in their early stages, and it will take time for them to improve, but you can easily use them to set quick reminders.

Despite that, if you are looking for a tool that can do a little more. Then here is the list of the best reminder apps for Android and IOS.

BZ Reminder

The app is clean and straightforward. The moment you open the app, you will learn the complete settings in one go. You only need to tap the plus icon to set your favorite reminders. Scroll type date and time format selection, easy to set custom colors, add repeats, and phone numbers to the reminder.

It is easy to add a contact to the reminder for making a call. Once you get the notification, you can tap on the icon to call directly from the app. You can also import the birthday of your contacts and store them for automatic notifications.

BZ Reminder is a neat app that makes it easy to control. The app has both a free and premium version.

2Do – Reminders, To-do List & Notes

The app is rich with multiple features. We can sort reminders using tags, add many notifications for a single request, easy search option, and quick entry of tasks.

Users can also set location alarms. If you reach a nearby place, the app will send you a notification or tasks you have assigned. There is also an option to attach pictures or audio. 2Do is a complicated app with a simple interface.


It is an iOS-only app and does not have an android app for now. Despite that, I brought it to the list because it is a good app. When you are trying to add a reminder for any day, most of the tasks ask for a specific time. But in Things, the app will add the request, and you can complete it any time of the day.

Another significant feature I like in Things is regarding the lapsed tasks. If you had set a task for today and you missed it. The app will move it to the next day. Things do not have a past-due concept.

The app also has an option to search, a logbook feature to look at all your completed tasks, and it easy to sort every request.

Yes, the app has a high upfront cost and runs only on Apple devices. But it is a great tool to keep you updated with tasks.

Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Are you looking for an app that is free and feature-rich? Then Google Keep is the best option in this list. You can take notes, set reminders, record your notes, take pictures, add drawings, create checklists, keep it organized, easy sharing option, and sync with data online.

Google Keep – Best ToDo List and Task Management App

It is the best free task management app.

We would like to hear your suggestions in the comments below. Also, read more about the Best Android Apps of 2020 and Best iOS Apps of the Year 2020.

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