New Copilot Key For Windows Keyboard

Microsoft is starting 2024 with a bang by introducing a new Copilot key on their keyboard, which will be a feature of all Windows 11 PCs. This allows users to seamlessly connect with AI at the push of a button. After nearly three decades, Windows is updating its keyboard design, enhancing the AI experience for its users.

When you usually tap the Windows Key, it brings up the Start-Up, allowing us to navigate through the Microsoft OS. We know how helpful Windows Key is when integrated with shortcuts. Even now, I continue to discover new keyboard shortcuts that simplify my tasks.

If Windows Key can do so much, imagine the type of shortcuts Microsoft will be cooking for Copilot. Such advancements promise to boost our productivity and simplify our lives.

New keyboards with the Copilot Key will launch at CES this year. It will be part of new Windows 11 PCs that are part of the Microsoft ecosystem and upcoming Surface devices. We believe Microsoft will offer a key remapping option for older keyboards to access Copilot as well.

You can now access Copilot from your browser or install it on your smartphone devices.

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