Instagram Adds Auto Caption to Stories

Instagram now lets users add captions to their stories which will be rolling out in the upcoming updates. Right now, the feature is only available in English and English-speaking countries. Soon they will be expanding it to other regions as well.

How does Instagram Caption work?
You can find captions in Stories. Once you place the cations in your stories, it will automatically transcribe your speech. Yes, the speech recognition might not be accurate, but Instagram gives options to edit these captions just like other texts. We can adjust the color, style, correct the spelling, etc. For now, it does not have the highlight option, so you can use a brush or stickers to make them stand out.

I feel this feature is good for stories, as users can read what a person is speaking when on mute. Soon this option will be available in Reels as well. With this expansion, IGTV, Stories, Reels all will have the captions option in the video.

Also, here are some tricks to Design Creative Instagram Stories.

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