How You can Design Creative Instagram Stories?

The creativity shown by the users in the Instagram Stories is just amazing. Industries are choosing stories to brand their products.

But how can startups, bloggers, influencers, and small businesses compete to bring out such creative story elements? Here we will list out a few great apps to make your next Instagram story stand out.


Adobe Spark Post

Spark Post is an application needed for all story creators. You can create animated video posts, moving pictures, use a variety of fonts to personalize your story.

They have built-in templates that we can edit and publish. Spark Post has in-app purchases. But the free version sure is enough for any beginner. It also available in desktop and mobile version.


Canva is another brilliant app like Spark Post. It has loads of template collections for creating your stories. You can start your work on the laptop and complete the same project while traveling using your smartphone.

I have been using Canva to create logos, thumbnails, and also posters for my blog. It also has a free premium option.


Inshot is a brilliant user-friendly video editing app available in the app stores. You can export HD quality videos for your Instagram stories, without any watermarks.

It has features like a crop, merge, add music, stickers, fonts, control the speed, and you can also edit pictures. Many You Tubers are using this app to create videos.

It also has the option to share videos and pictures directly to Instagram.

Enlight Pixaloop

Pixaloop makes the promise that the app breathes life into its photos. The app delivers what they said and turns the static images into moving pictures.

You can use arrows to add movement, control the speed, and place anchors to stop moving the pictures. Also, you can make the sky move, water ripple, etc.


Quik is a fabulous GoPro app. You can create incredible video stories with a click. A variety of templates and easy-to-use interface make this a quick video editor.

Many YouTube bloggers use Quik as a primary app to produce videos. It has over 100 free songs to select, and you can save the video in 1080p or 720p.


Over app has thousands of graphics, hundreds of fonts, and templates to customize and create your Instagram story. Select your favorite theme and create your style and stamp over it.

Over has royalty-free images, fonts, masks, and also has a feature to remove the background of your pictures. A powerful app to create magic.

These apps will give you a head up to personalize your Insta Stories. There are many apps in the store that will change the way you use Instagram. We will surely write more about those apps and believe you can design creative Instagram stories using the apps mentioned above.

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