4 Best Meditation Apps For Beginners and Expert

Meditation has the power to affect both once attention and emotion. If meditation becomes part of our life, then well-being can be cultivated. We are running in a world where time is money. But if we take a step back, breathe and pause for a while, we can unearth unlimited possibilities that could change us entirely.

There are many meditation formats, such as guided, visual, body scan, mantra, zen, etc. So how to find what works for you? The first thing would be to try the best meditation apps available and see what works personally.

As I am a beginner, the Atom app was apt for me. Atom is a guided meditation app, and I just have to spend five minutes of my time every day.

Similarly, below is the list of the best mediation apps that can become a part of your life.


Calm is one of the top-rated apps in the market and can help us to improve sleep quality, focus, self-improvement, reduce stress, etc. You can select different paths, and each approach guides you to find peace in multiple ways.

The app not only has a meditation option, but you can also find stories, programs, and new music daily. The app has more to offer if you have a subscription. Yes, that is one limitation that I felt. But for a beginner, you can attempt with free features.


Atom is my favourite because it resonates with every beginner. It is a guided meditation app that helps you take baby steps towards meditation. Just 5-10 minutes every day is what you need to make a slight turn towards calmness.

You can also read more about the app here.

Insight Timer App

The app is on the list for its plethora of content. It has over 150,000 meditations available, which is absolutely free. This also includes guided meditation and ambient sounds for self-meditation.

Insight Timer has teachers in different languages, meditation styles, voices, themes, etc. Another major factor is the involvement of the community. Users review each meditation, so you can test and give a five start if you like it.

The app also has a subscription plan, which allows you to download meditation and listen to it while travelling offline.

Waking Up: Guided Meditation

It is a guided meditation app by Sam Haris. With this application, you can try to solve specific problems, like anxiety, focus, sleep, etc. A meditation is impactful when it helps us to understand our consciousness, and the Waking Up app does the same. The app starts with a 28 days session, which allows you to build the habit. After that, you can go for a daily session between 10-20 minutes.

The app also has a timer option, where we can set a time at our convenience. One of the problems I face when using timer apps is that we will not know how much time has passed. But the developers have tried to add a timer that will play a gong sound, with respective intervals we have kept.

These are some apps that can help you pave your path to meditation. I hope it helps you become more mindful and aware of your experiences.

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