One App That Will Really Make A Difference

We are just pacing without the knowledge of time. Busy with many things and engrossed in multiple tasks, we can’t see time fly by. We are restless and anxious about the next chore, what to do the next day, next weekend, etc.

I always felt like I am on a mission 24*7. Even while sleeping, I think about what to do in the morning.

Yes, it is all normal, but someday we will feel we need a pause. Just for some time, to look around our surroundings and be at ease.

I tried multiple ways, and one of the ways was to use apps. I explored numerous apps but was not able to get a benefit. But I stumbled across one app, and this single app has made a difference.

How small changes everyday compound to a significant return. This app helped me, and even helping me till now, to take a pause every day.

About the App

The app’s name is also equivalent to the smallest particle, Atom.
I started using the app to see why it’s got such high ratings in the Play Store.

Now a little about the app, it is a meditation app, a simple app with no ads, no sign-ups, and no B.S. Anyone who is just far away from meditation can use this app.

The app is straightforward and focuses on taking small baby steps. Each session will guide you, remind you that it is normal to be distracted, and help you find focus.

No matter what system or method we use, we need consistency. I was never consistent with any other app. Developers created the application with the user’s thoughts in mind. Whenever I doubted, I could feel the author resonating with my conscience. They built the meditation path by understanding the user’s thinking, making me return to it daily.

And thanks to Atom, I can now spend 5-10 minutes of my time focusing on myself.

Another way this app clicked is because of the reward system. When we finish meditation, we get points, which we use to open short articles. These articles align with users’ thoughts and guide us to be patient and consistent.

Another rewarding pattern in the app is building your forest. Users can select the tree which will grow after each session. Once we progress, we unlock different types of trees, allowing us to expand the forest.

We can also select sounds like rain, fire, night, storm, or wind to amplify our meditation.

Atom is one of the most useful free apps that can help people. Also, if you like the app, you can contribute to the developers.

Our lives must not be so rough. We can stay in the present, and to stay in the now, I hope Atom can help you start your way to a peaceful life.

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