Best Technical Apps 2019

Even though we have phones which are smart, they do take up some time to finish up a task. We took some time to find the best tech apps that could save time, narrow news content, automate tasks, and also reduce phone usage time.

Below are the list of best tech apps to make things better.

Feedly – News Feed

Feedly is one of the best news feed application for readers and bloggers. With Feedly, you can keep track of your favorite content or niche. It accumulates the latest articles/blogs from your favorite page and brings it out in one app. 

Feedly gives control to its user, with a simple reading layout and night mode toggle options. Feedly comes in both free and premium membership.

Leaf Smart Notify: Pop Up Manage

Pop up notifications are a mess. Leaf Smart Notify is the best app for notification management. You can customize the pop-ups as per your requirements.

It has features such as DND, spam blocker, dark mode, and floating-style notification. Manage notifications and save time.

Crono – Smart Notification

We intend to look at mobile a lot due to constant notifications. Crono pushes all you pop-up into your browser. You can send replies to your Whats-app messages, messenger, Gmail, etc.

Crono has incredible features like disconnecting phone calls and sending SMS without touching your phone. Crono is the best app to keep your phone away while working.

Edge Screen – Edge Launcher

The phones are getting bigger and smarter every day. Dragging down the notification tab, finding the apps in your device, searching a contact, or even changing songs in the music player is a task now.

With Edge Screen launcher, we can simplify all the minimalist task. This launcher brings all the features to the edge of your screen. With a simple swipe, you can bring out contacts, calendar, music control, calculator, etc. 

Control your phone by the edge.

Texpand – Text Expander

Texpand – Like its name, it creates shortcuts of names, emails, sentences, etc. Some of us might have a big email id or repetitive contents to write.

Texpand helps in creating a shortcut for phrases, dates, email Id’s, etc. It has a simple UI overlay and works with any text input.

In this planet of Apps, there are a lot more to discover and bring it out to you. We are working to find great tools which will improve our life.

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