Top Apps to Watch Your Favorite Anime

I remember the first anime I saw was Dragon Ball Z. The standoff between Goku and Piccolo got me all excited to keep watching the episodes every day. Then came Pokemon and Naruto to my list.

But the first Anime series that got my attention was The Death Note. It was the first time I felt the intensity of the story-line in an Anime. After this, there was no stopping.

But following these episodes and programs was difficult at the beginning. Thanks to the streaming services now, we have the options to watch and enjoy our favorite anime.

Below I have collated the list of best apps where you can see your favorite anime series.


Crunchyroll has the biggest library of Japanese Anime. It has over 900 anime shows and over 50 Manga comics within its collection. The app is available in free and premium versions.

Crunchyroll has a 14-day trial period to test the premium version. It is one of the famous applications in the anime community.


Funimation is another app like Crunchyroll. It has both dubbed and subbed versions of the anime. Over 600 shows are available in the app.

The free version has limited videos with ads. The paid versions have the option to stream simultaneously in 5 devices, offline viewing, access to exclusive member-only events, etc. But Funimation is available only in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.


Watch your favorite anime for free on AnimeBay. Because of its simple interface, the app stands out from the others. It has the option to watch movies through MX Player and download them as well.

They release the latest episodes one hour after airing in Japan. You can watch free videos with no payment for the premium. It also has options to support low internet speed.


Netflix has a fabulous collection of Anime. They are building up their list daily by adding new original content. They have great content like Death Note, Naruto, Bleach, etc. It also has an option to download videos and watch later.

You can choose plans that fit right for you, with multiple options by the streaming service. Netflix is climbing up with the anime content in their library. Even though Crunchyroll is the king in this category, the competition is getting pretty high.

Amazon Prime

Amazon prime also has great anime within its library. Even though they are not famous as of their competitors, but they have an excellent collection of programs.

Amazon gives suggestions based on what you watch. It also has options to download the video as per your quality preference. People are unaware of the list of anime contents in Prime.

The next contender coming into this competition would be HBO Max. HBO is trying to bring in contents from Crunchyroll, which is the subsidiary of Otter Media. Those were a few suggestions from us but would love to know about more apps from you. Please add your favorite apps in the comment section.

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