Top Apps to Enhance Your Photos

Every smartphone company is racing to build a better camera. We are in a generation where even movies use smartphones for shooting videos. The camera upgrades helped people who could not afford high-end DSLR’s and provided a chance to explore the world of photography.

Yes, smartphones still have some limitations. But thanks to the developers, we got some incredible apps that will help us improve our photos.

So here is the list of the best apps to enhance your pictures.

Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor & Pro Camera

Adobe has been leading the editing industry for ages. The Adobe Lightroom mobile app does the same. It gives the option to add your pictures to its library, or you can shoot photos using its inbuilt camera mode.
The camera possesses three shooting styles. Automatic, Professional, and HDR. The professional mode has options to set the ISO, White Balance, and exposure. While shooting in HDR, hold your camera steady.

It also offers many editing features like adjusting light, colors, effects, optics, etc. Users can likewise add preset filters to the app. There is a premium version that will unlock more features to edit.

Adobe made sure that users can learn and discover more about editing by adding tutorials in the app.


Snapseed is a powerful free app. It has over 25 filters, with tools like lens blur, healing, exposure to enhance your pictures.

Users can also add more details by sharpening and structuring the image. There is additional control, like changing color curves, white balance, and the glow effect, to name a few.

Snapseed is the best free editing app loaded with features.


Canva will make your life easy if you are looking to add designs or create templates using your photos. This app is a mammoth for carrying hundreds of ideas where most of them are free.

It is my favorite app because it is user friendly, and anybody can be an editor using Canva. You can create similar content for various websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, all in one place.

If you get stuck on a smartphone app, you can continue the editing on the web version of Canva.

Foodie – Camera for life

Foodie app is for all the social networking enthusiasts. The app has various preloaded filters for different occasions. You can either take pictures from the inbuilt app or upload images from the storage.

As mentioned before, there are multiple filters for moments like selfies, food, indoor shots, and scenery. Also, you can adjust the image brightness, contrast, add blur, vignette, etc.

We can save the edits as recipes for implementing on other pictures. You can also use recipes created by other users on your images.

A Better Camera

Here is a sturdy camera app for you to explore more than your stock camera. You can shoot pictures in HDR, night mode, 360-degree panorama, burst-mode, etc.

The app was last updated in 2018 and is a little old. But still, it has some unique features like object removal, multishot, and pre-shot options. A Better Camera app has all the features that you would require to capture the perfect image.

These are our suggestions for the apps that can enhance your pictures. We would like to hear your views on the comments.

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