Top 5 Android & iOS Games Of The Week

It’s 2021, and we are starting a new series with the best games of the week. Smartphone gaming has become a part of us now. We can play any game, anywhere and anytime. So today, we will cover games across both platforms, Android and iOS.

Well, here is the list of the top 5 games which you can install right now.

Micro RPG

Micro RPG is a short-session turn-based RPG game. You start the game as Theobald, an ordinary peasant trying to fight demons to save the kingdom when the knights are on vacation.

In the beginning, you only have a sword for the attack. But as the game progresses, you can unlock multiple weapons and upgrade them. There are short, medium, and long-range weapons in your armory. So, choosing the right attack will help you defeat the enemy.

As you cross each level, you open other worlds to explore and use your skills to destroy the demon army. If you are taking a quick break, you can play this short-session game to relax.

Kub – Puzzle Platformer

Platform games can never vanish. Kub is a platform game with simple puzzles and challenges. At each level, we should keep away from traps and enemies to get the keys. It might get a little tricky at first because the controls are different. But, that is the part of a challenge.

Kub is a small game with 50 levels. But, the developers are looking to add new challenges soon.

Doors: Origins

When an engaging puzzle game meets cool graphics, you get Doors Origins. At each level, you will try to open the doors by looking around the surroundings and figuring out the tricks.

Each door is unique, and we have to find the right gear to unlock and enter the world. The game has both a free and premium version.


Astraraft is a sandbox arena game, and it is all about creativity. Users can unleash their imagination and build their ARMS for battle. The game offers two types of playstyle. We can either be a creator or a fighter.

Users can also choose hundreds of modules and tools to combine a monster. With each level, you can upgrade your modules and win matches. The game is still in the beginning stage and eventually will get better.


Veni and Vidi are two characters stuck on a puzzling planet, and we have to bring them home. Both these characters share a special bond and will always move together. So with each level, make sure that they don’t fall off the cliffs.

Game graphics are good and, the controls are simple swipe and move action. The game is still in the early access stage and has only an Android app. But the iOS version will come out soon.

These are some cool games that you could try, and we will bring the next list soon. Also, here is the list of the best games of 2020, both Android and iOS.

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