Three Water Intake Tracker App To Help You Hydrated

Drinking water has always been a challenge for most people. When working on projects or tasks, the thought of drinking water passes away until we get thirsty.

There have been days when we felt nauseous by the end of the day and had to drink plenty of water at night. Which would make us sleepless cause we have to run to the washroom a lot.

Our parents, teacher, or guardians would push us to drink it as kids. As adults, we have to be responsible for ourselves. But there is a solution. Instead of guardians, our smartphones can remind us to drink water on time.

So, below are the five best apps for both Android and iOS that will help you to drink water and be hydrated.

My Water: Daily Drink Tracker

We follow and consistently perform the task when rewarded for any activity or performance. The app follows a similar rewarding and achievement system to keep you motivated and ensure you drink water.

As with any app, it has reminders to make you pick up the glass of water. It also adds up other beverages you will drink in your day. While logging into the app, you can set your weight and goals. Based on this information, the app will analyze how much water you must drink to achieve that goal.

The app has a premium version, including no ads, add multiple beverages, easy widget access, etc. The user interface is easy, and the animation will give you a clear idea of how much water you can drink.

Inbuilt App

Adding another app can sometimes be difficult due to a lack of storage or being hesitant to add another application. If you feel discomfort installing an app, use your device’s inbuilt health trackers. Smartphones like iPhone and Samsung have inbuilt trackers that would help you track not just water intake but steps, weight, calories, etc.

So investigate if your devices have an inbuilt tracker that would support you better and use the best of your phone.


The app is similar to My Water: Daily Drink Tracker. You can track your daily status and achieve goals to keep progressing consistently. Set reminders, add drinks like tea, water, juice, etc., and it also comes with a dark theme. 

You can also customize how the home screen and the app will advise you on how much water you must drink based on weight, gender, and locality.

These apps will help us to be reminded, but we should also take the initiative to drink enough water to lead a healthy life.

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