The Dangers of Keeping Your Phone Near Your Bed

In a way, it seems like digging deep into an unknown realm. We all know that phones have some radiation, but will it affect us, anyway if we keep it near us during sleep? That is a question for which we need explanations.

So, here are a few things we need to answer for:

Does all electronic device emit radiation?
What type of radiation do phones emit?
How can we reduce the impact?

We have a lot of questions, so let’s explore deeply to find the answers.

Does all electronic device emit radiation?

Some electronic devices emit low-level radiation, but not all of them do. 
What type of radiation do these devices emit? There are:

  1. Radiofrequency (RF) radiation
  2. Ionizing radiation
  3. Infrared radiation

RF is emitted by microwaves, WI-FI routers, Radar, etc. They emit non-ionizing radiation, that does not have enough energy to break chemical bonds in DNA.

Ionizing radiation, on the other hand, are stronger, and emitted by X-Ray, gamma ray machines, etc.

Infrared is the type of radiation emitted by heat lamps, remote control, etc. They are also considered non-ionizing radiation.

What type of radiation do phones emit?

Cell phones emit non-ionizing RF radiation. To understand this better, imagine you have a balloon. If you blow up the balloon filling all the space and making it tight and is about to burst. That is similar to Ionizing Radiation. As the balloon is tight there are chances for it to break. Consider the same effect on our cells or DNA if exposed to Ionizing radiation.

And, if you release the air and have optimum air in the balloon, which makes it soft and squeaky, it is non-ionizing radiation. Less radiation that does not break chemical bonds in our DNA.

Well, then how much radiation does a phone emit? 
As per the FCC in the US, the phone’s RF radiation limit has been set to 1.6 watts per kilogram (W/kg). But it may vary from phone to phone. You can compare the RF level of your phone in RFSafe.

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Which are other devices that have the same radiation level?

  • Wireless Routers
  • Baby Monitors
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Cordless Phones

How much radiation is safe, and how can we reduce the impact?

The safety standards are set by government agencies like Federal Communications Commission and Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection(ICNIRP), etc. As per their standards, the RF level is set as 1.6 W/kg(RD Cell phone can emit) and 2W/kg average for the whole body by ICNIRP. These are the stats as per the latest research but more research is in progress to understand the impact better.

Reducing Impact: Practical Tips

How to reduce the radiation impact is a vital question. We should be more sensible about how we use our devices.

  • It will be better to keep the phone away from our body, when not in use.
  • We should also opt to use more hands-free devices, as it will help to keep the phone away from your head.
  • In regions where there is poor reception, the phone uses more energy and emits more radiation. So use your phone less or turn on the airplane mode.
  • We have new phone cases that block radiation, give them a try.
  • Use Bluetooth or a wired headset for taking calls.
  • Limit your phone usage. Less usage, less radiation you are exposed to.

So, Is it safe to keep your phone near while sleeping? We do not have a definitive answer to this question now. But, it will be better to keep your phone away so that you don’t get impacted by the radiation the phone will emit during your sleep. Yes, radiation is everywhere, even the sun emits some level of radiation. But, precautions can help us to eliminate the exposure a little.

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