4 Apps You Need To Be More Productive

The first and easiest way to be more productive now is to stop distraction. We are getting bombarded with information constantly. Imagine you are planning to work on a project, but a friend sends you a video of Cristiano performing cool tricks, and then you get sucked into the loop, watching more and more videos.

How to escape this? Well, some might say, turn off your phone and put it aside. But, that is not workable, because we might wait for some important messages or calls.

However, I am going to list out four apps that will help you be more productive.

Indestructible Launcher

It will keep you off all the distractions. The launcher is minimal, and you only have sufficient data displayed on the screen. The app provides multiple options to set preferences to show and hide features like app icons, status bar, search bar, battery level, clock, date, etc. App also shows you how long you were using an app.

There is also a premium version for this, where you can choose more themes, add custom fonts and add/hide over four apps.

Using this launcher will be a brilliant start, as you are not viewing all the information on your screen.

Block Apps – Productivity & Digital Wellbeing

Our subconscious mind prompts us to take the smartphone and start looking at content. But, what if you can lock the most used apps for a brief interval? Block Apps app is the right tool for this purpose.

With Block Apps, you can lock applications for a specific time, view your app usage stats and set limits on app usage. One of my favorite features is the Strict App Blocking. When you turn this setting on, the only way to access the app will be to reboot your phone. You can not disable the strict mode once you activate the block.

Block Apps will help you whenever you want to focus on a specific task.

Forest: Stay focused

Starting a habit is easy. But a trick to get through it is to add a small reward for the work we have put. The Forest app does the same. Each time you run the timer and keep your phone away while focusing on your work, the tree grows. But if you open any other application, the tree dies instantly.

So stay the course and grow your forest with focus and dedication. There is also a pro version, where you can get different trees, add custom tags for timer, and compete with your friends.

Unlock Clock – Unlock Live Wallpaper

It is necessary to track how you are using your phone every day, and one among those is to know how many times you unlock your phone. The Unlock Clock is like a counter app, but this app will count how many times you have opened your phone. When I tried using it, I got shocked by the results by the end of the day.

It is a live wallpaper app and will show the number of times you have unlocked it as a wallpaper. The app also permits you to customize the background color, text color, and font.

These are a few apps that can give you a good start in focusing and being more productive.

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