Six Best Match-3 Games You Can Try

My first exposure to any matching game was Mahjong Tiles, pre-installed on our Windows PC. We used to compete with friends and clock our time on who cleared all the tiles quickly. It is not precisely a Match-3 game but falls into the matching game category.

However, a game was launched for our smartphones that got through to every device. Which is none other than Candy Crush. It took the world by storm. Not only young people but folks from every generation took the initiative to clear the levels. A game that is still loved by many.

So, if you are one of those gems wanting to try something more than Candy Crush, we list some of the best Match 3 Games you can install and play right away.

Match Masters

If you want to compete with friends or other players in Match-3 format, then Match Master must be installed. You will take turns playing and ensure to avoid creating opportunities for opponents.

With each move, you can create satisfying comebacks and score more. It is a fast-paced, quick-thinking game.

Push & Pop

This would not fall entirely under the Match-3 game category, but it had to be here. As its name suggests, the game is to push the cubes, align them in a row and pop as they go. Each time you create and align them, the cubes disappear. Think your moves a step ahead and move the cube.

A simple game with amazing graphics and good background music makes it fun to play longer.

Match War! : Puzzle & Defense

When you combine Mathc-3 and Defence tower games, you will get Match War!. Usually, in a Match-3 game, you will be aligning gems to clear them and bring out surprise elements. Here you will be combining weapons to disable the attack by an enemy.

The enemies will attack wave after wave, and your task will be to save the Castle from their invasion. You can upgrade your weapons during the game to make more powerful attacks.

There is also a PVP mode, where you can play with friends, family, or opponents online. It is a different take on Match-3; also, you must play wisely and quickly to be the opponent.

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

One can never get over the world of magic and wizards. If you are a wizarding world fan, then experience the Match-3 game Harry Potter version. Build your character, select your wand, and join your favorite house to explore the puzzles and spells.

As the game progresses, you can level up your characters, unlock new spells, and collect treasures. With a new level, you will gain abilities that help you to crack through different challenges.

Also, tagging with your friends to play the game will be fun.

Angry Birds Match 3

Angry birds have always been my favorite. Especially the character Red in the Angry Birds movie. I laughed so much in every scene; primarily, he fought with a Bird Scarecrow in front of the anger management class. Classic!!

So, if you still want more from Angry Birds, they are back in Match-3 format. In this, you rescue hatchlings and explore the world of these birds. With each level, the difficulty rises to keep you on edge.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG

This is the third Match-3 game that also has a movie series. But to be accurate, playing with the character we know and love is always fun. Marvel has been taking over the world for the past few years. 

In this game, you can recruit your favorite heroes, go for campaigns, and clear daily quests. The game also allows you to mix and match any characters you like. So create your own villain squad(I would’ve said Suicide Squad, but it’s a Marvel) and battle in RPG gameplay in the Match-3 version.

These were some of the best games from the lot. Yes, we have missed many, and it would be great if you put your suggestion in the comments for others to find and explore these gems.

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