S22 Battery, A Hit OR A Miss?

S22 is the latest flagship series launched by Samsung, which needs no introduction. The series is still competing as one of the top Android smartphones available in the market.

People have many questions about the phone’s specs and performance. So we thought to review one of the most spoken topics of the S22, The Battery.

Genuinely speaking, I am not happy with the battery as a user. The story could have been different if they could have set the minimum battery level to 4000mah. But S22 has a 3700 mAH battery with just 25W Fast Charging.

If you are going out for the whole day, I suggest carrying a power bank. I own an S22, and the phone is impressive, with a great camera and brilliant display but average battery life.

So, here is my three months review of the S22’s battery performance. The first week I got a little worried because the battery drained like a broken pipe. But, I found that the phone is trying to understand my usage. So, if you purchase an S22 and the battery goes gaga. That should happen in the first week, so don’t be worried.

So, if I had 85% charge on my phone, I would get close to 3-4 hours of screen time. This includes gaming for 30 minutes and then scrolling through social networks or watching videos. So generally, I would recharge my phone at least twice on a regular day to keep it going.

But there are several ways you can improve and upgrade your battery performance.

  • Set background usage limit. This helps in limiting the battery usage of the least used apps. We can sort the apps into three categories, Sleeping apps, Deep Sleeping apps, and Never Sleeping apps. Based on your requirements, you can spread the apps according to your usage.
  • Turn on the adaptive battery. The phone will extend or work on your battery life based on your phone usage.
  • Set Processing speed. Optimizing the settings will help balance the battery and improve cooling efficiency.
  • Set Protect Battery. The phone will never charge above 85%, which will extend your phone’s battery life.
  • Change refresh rate. If we reduce the refresh rate, it will practically help in improving battery longevity.

These small tricks compound to make your battery lasting and perform better. It would be great to know what tricks you use to improve the battery life of your S22 in the comments.

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