Racing Game That Will Keep You Entertained

Racing games have been phenomenal since they came into existence. Since Atari’s Gran Track 10’s release in 1974, racing games have evolved. Need For Speed brought one of the giant leaps in the industry. Folks went crazy with the kind of storyline and graphics it got with it.

Previously we needed a TV, a PC, and a console to play these games. But after smartphones come into place, we carry a console. We got awesome mobile-based games like Asphalt, Real Racing, NFS Mobile, etc. But for some time, I have been playing this wicked car racing game that keeps me hooked and going for more.

It’s Beach Buggy Racing 2.

So what’s special about it? Well, it is just too much fun. It’s a multiplayer game with you competing with other drives to win the race. But that’s not it. You have to face multiple challenges in each race. The players have boosters and power-ups and will try to pull you down to come first.

What is its USP?

Multiple Race Tracks: The game is loaded with different race tracks. Each track has diverse terrain, environment, and challenges to keep you on edge. Once you start, the game provides two race tracks to choose from, and after each race, the track changes. With each progress, you can unlock more tracks.

Power-ups: These boosters keep the whole game engaging. You got attacking, trap, and defense power-ups, which can change based on your chosen track. Like race tracks, you can unlock these powers with each level. There are over 40 power-ups; you can carry 8 in any race.

Characters: Each driver has their own skills, which you can use to slow down your competitors. There are 15 drivers now, which might increase in future updates. You have to unlock each character as you level up.  

Cars: There are nearly 60 cars to choose from, but unlocking them is one way to get access. You can also purchase these cars to get ahead in the game. Each vehicle is given its strength, like top Speed, acceleration, toughness, and handling. Once you are used to the tracks, you can choose a specific car and the driver for each race.

Besides the above, you are given new challenges every time you upgrade the power-ups. There might be a 3-race or 5-race challenge for a cup. So make sure to come first or second to win the cup.

The new update has recently brought in collaboration with Hotwheels. Users now have extra Hotwheels cars and tracks to try them on. Also, you must join the daily challenges and events to compete with players around the globe.

I suggest downloading the game because each race lasts nearly two minutes. So it’s an excellent way to take a quick break, relax, and return to work.

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