PUBG Creator Building A New World: Prologue

Have you ever imagined how it will be If Ready Player One movie becomes a reality? We already took the first step towards that when we entered the world of Battle Royal.

Fortnight, Call Of Duty, PUBG, all these games have brought us closer to a world where everybody is interacting, with the massive and limited world built to explore. But what if we have a more open world? A world that keeps growing, and wilderness which is a little close to reality. Well, thanks to Brendan Greene, who is starting a new project. His idea is not to create a game, but a realistic open world that spans hundreds of kilometers, and bringing thousands of players to communicate, explore, and create. This new project is Prologue.

Now, who is Brendan Greene? We also know him as PLAYERUNKNOWN, an Irish video game developer who also created the PUBG.

What is a Prologue?

Prologue will be a tech demo and not a complete game. Here, players can explore the wilderness and use the tools to survive the harsh weather. There will be no guide, no specific path to follow, and you have to reach the destination yourself.

Also, as highlighted, this will be a tech demo, and we can decide what to pay to the creators. If users enjoy the experience and the world, that will be up to them to support the team.

How Will The Team Create This Massive World?

Any game like this needs massive space, contents, location, game mechanics, etc. To decipher this problem, they will try a Neural network. A Neural Network is a machine that will learn and create a realistic open world during runtime.

For now, Prologue will be an introductory sample of what this technology can create. All players will be ready and waiting to explore this sandbox-style open-world game.

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