No More Cropped Images: Twitter Rolled Out Full-Size Image View

Being a Twitter user, I always thought how difficult it would be to add a full-size image to its timeline. Because I always had to edit my pictures to keep them aligned with the Twitter atmosphere.

But finally, Twitter rolled out their new update, where we can see the full image. So, if you are wondering how this change helps? Previously, Twitter sets the pictures in a 16:9 ratio to keep the consistency in their timeline. Therefore, every time, you had to crop or adjust the images to fit with the theme.

But, with this new update, users can add pictures and not worry about the ratio. The rollout makes it easier to scroll, and we can see images without opening them for full view.

Another update that helped with the picture quality is the 4K image support. Users have to unlock it from Twitter settings, as it is not a default option. Watching or uploading images in high quality is good, but it would also mean high data usage. Still, users can set their preferences from the data usage settings.

With these updates, Twitter has become a competitor for Instagram. I believe healthy competition is good, as it would bring out the best in them.

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