New Launcher by Nothing

Nothing is Carl Pei’s company which introduced the Nothing Ear 1 buds, and now they are back with more news. Previously Carl Pei announced that they might come up with Nothing Phone 1, a new smartphone from the company.

We don’t know how or when the phone is launching, but now you can see how it will feel in your hand. Yes, Nothing has introduced a new Nothing Launcher theme in the PlayStore.

Nothing launcher is in its beta version and is an introduction to Nothing OS. At first glance, it looks just like a Pixel launcher with a translucent wallpaper on the screen. The launcher is now available only for Samsung S21 and S22 series, Google Pixel 5, and Pixel 6 series. They will soon be extending to devices like the OnePlus.

Many users have felt the launcher looks just like Pixel. The Google Pixel users commented that they didn’t find much difference other than the wallpaper after installation.

The launcher is just in the beta version, and we feel there is more coming from Nothing. Right now launcher is minimalistic bare-bones, with an expectation to grow more.

We need more competition between the companies so that they can try to bring the best for consumers. Nothing is making an impact, and we want it to coincide with its designs and user’s expectation.

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