Microsoft Teams Now Lets You Join Meetings As A 3D Avatar

Microsoft released a new feature on Teams. You can now join a Teams meeting as a 3D avatar.

We know how difficult it is to jump into a meeting and turn on the camera if you are working from home. We must worry about how we look, check if the background and the surroundings are clean, etc. But thanks to Microsoft Teams, we can now join the meeting as a 3D character.

Another feature that we loved is you need not turn on your camera to use the Avatars. Also, Avatars will emote the reactions from the React option. So no more flying thumbs-ups, but a 3D character will act that on the screen.

How to join a meeting as an avatar?

Having this feature will help many people get a break from video fatigue. So how can we do it? Click on the Microsoft Page for details on getting the Avatars in your Microsoft Teams.  Also, please note that Avatars are available in the Microsoft Teams Desktop App, Windows, and Mac. Avatars are not supported in Teams for the web and are kept as view-only in the Teams mobile app.

The Avatars Teams app must be allowed by your IT admin for you to access it. They are now available as Public Preview Program, which will undergo further changes before public release. If you want to be the first to know these changes, switch to Teams Public Preview.

The next question would be, who would do that if you have to join an important meeting with big clients or leadership? It is just the beginning and will evolve into a much better and more realistic future approach.

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