How to Use AI to Improve the Chances of Interview

The priority to get any job is to excel in the interviews. However, getting selected for an interview is a challenge in itself. Among all the applicants, your profile has to stand out to reach the hands of recruiters. I remember how I used to struggle to apply for jobs on multiple websites and portals. It has always been a challenge. But there were a few tricks that helped me grab an interview. And now, thanks to AI, you can use it to seize more opportunities efficiently.

Build different resume for different skills

We tend to put all our skills and expertise in just one resume. However, it is always better to have multiple resumes for different skills. For example, if you are an expert in PowerBi, Python, and Technical Documentation. Make sure to create different resumes: one focusing on PowerBi, the next on Python, and the third emphasizing Documentation.

  • Instead of using one resume for applying to all jobs, use three distinct resumes to apply to all three different profiles.
    • How does it heps? It will widen your opportunities and increase the chances of getting interviews for the skills you excel in.

How can AI help you with this? 

  • Upload your resume and skills. Then, prompt the AI to build a resume highlighting one skill, adding other skills as add-ons.
    • How does it help? You can create multiple resumes tailored to different jobs.

Tailoring your resume with job descriptions

Job descriptions are always provided by the recruiters when advertising an opportunity. It helps the job-seeker to assess if they are apt for that specific role. What if you can use the job description to work for you?

Companies now use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes for keywords that match the job description. How can AI help you with this?

  • You can copy and paste the job description into the AI chatbot to append the details to your resume. So, you will have a new resume template for that specific role with a highlight of the job description.
    • How does it help? When applying for the job, these tailored changes can make you feel fit for the role.

Learn with AI

Using the suggestions above, you might be able to get an interview. But, without the knowledge or skills, the chances of failing the interview will be high. Make sure to upskill yourself before attending an interview. How to do that easily with AI? Well, here are some tricks you can use.

  • Learn with examples: When you want to understand a difficult topic, paste the content into the AI chatbot and prompt to explain it with simple examples. It will give you explanations that are easy to understand. You can increase the level of simplicity until you get a grip on the topic.
  • Create a habit ritual: If you struggle to manage time, AI can help to create a schedule. You can input all tasks of your day with the amount of time you can invest. AI will efficiently create a planner and schedule that suits you.
  • Use your browser and its extensions: Currently, there are various AI extensions available. For example, when reading a document online, you can utilize AI extensions to summarize content and ask questions on the topic. This feature is present in the Brave browser, where you can ask questions about the web page you are on.

These ideas and tricks can help you move forward and build your profile with ease. The way AI learns and understands any topic is remarkable. Always make sure to double-check the answers, as AI can occasionally generate inaccurate responses.

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