How to Never Run Out of Recipe Ideas Again with an Intelligent Pantry App

How many days have you felt stuck with what to cook with the ingredients that you have? To be honest with you, most days. The first few days after grocery purchase is acceptable. Everyone cooks a variety of dishes for a few days. But eventually, the ingredients get over, and we wonder what to cook next.

And the next thing we do is visit the grocery store to buy more ingredients or order something from food delivery services. Well, it not only hits our monthly expenses, but we spend a lot of time deciding what to cook next.

What if you can find what to cook with your ingredients within minutes? Oooh, that will be interesting, right. Thanks to the Super Cook app. You can do the same. Just add your ingredients, and it will immediately filter out the recipes you can cook.

So how does it work?

Open the app, add the pantry details, and see the magic happen. It will give you a list of recipes for you to choose from. For example, add potatoes, tomatoes, mixed veggies, and olive oil to the list. It will give you recipes for the ingredients listed. But, if you don’t feel like having potatoes, you can exclude them from the exclude filter on top. Similarly, you can also add what should be the critical ingredient in your dish.

The app will also provide you recipes with missing ingredients. So next time you go to the grocery, you can also purchase them. The app also acts as a shopping list. If you find any exciting dish missing an ingredient. You can add that to the shopping list for your next grocery visit.

The app also has a voice option. Next time you open your fridge, just turn on the mike and list all the ingredients. It will get added in the pantry tab. It is one of the best apps to help us reduce food wastage and use food before it expires.

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