How to Add Dynamic Island on Android Devices?

Since the launch of Apple iPhone 14, everybody has been going gaga over one feature – The dynamic Island. We all took a step back to see how Apple turned a regular cut-out into an interactive element.

The pill-shaped cut-out turns into a music control while showing the album art of the song you are playing. It brings up the notification during a call. It shows Face ID detection when you are using Apple Pay. It notifies you when you connect to a charger or headphones, and many more features still left to explore.

Yes, as an android user, I envy why none of the android manufacturers thought about it. But if you are an android user like me and want this feature on your phone? Thanks to exceptional Android developers, they have built apps that bring Dynamic Island to our phones.

Below are the two apps that are readily available to Android users.

Dynamic Island – dynamicSpot

The app is as close as you can get to the iPhone version of Dynamic Island. It looks the same, feels the same, and the interaction is similar. E.g., if you play the music, a small popup will appear on the screen with the album art display. When you press the popup, it will open the music app, and if you press and hold the Island, it will pop out the interaction bar.

The app has the option to activate two popups; make sure it is on. So, the next time you play music, it will display a round notification whenever you get a message.

Other feature includes timer notification, battery percentage while charging your phone, maps, etc. Also, the app is free, but there is also a pro version, which you can opt for if you want to support the developer.

Dynamic Bird

Dynamic Bird replicated the same features as iPhone’s Dynamic Island. Once you install the app and reposition the dot, it’s ready to rumble. It also provides options like music controls, charging notifications, connected devices, and basic notifications like incoming texts.

It is free to use with no ads. The only downside is it is not available in the PlayStore. But Galaxy users can get this app from the Galaxy App Store.

Both these apps function well, but it has one problem. The app will overlay on top of the native notifications each time it pops up.

So, if you want the Pill notification on your phone, install them right away. There are a lot of other apk files available on Telegram and other app websites. Be sure when you are installing from unknown sources.

If you find any exciting apps, please comment down below.

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