Google Photos Rolling Out New Video Editing Features

Google released some additional features upgrading its photos app into a powerful video editing tool. The new rollout lets users crop videos, correct perspective, export individual frames, and add filters.

Google Photos video editor also has some granular color grading options like controlling brightness, contrast, white point, skin tone, etc. They are adding thirty extra features with the rollout.

I have always used the app to do some minor edits, and it was my go-to app for quick video stabilization. But it is still missing the option to combine two clips like Apple’s iMovie editor. I hope they release that option in the future.

Google is placing its Photos app in a competitive space. They are already ahead with their AI creation features like collage, animation, color pop, etc. And with these new additional updates, the other apps have to gear to provide more value.

Another wonderful trait of this app is its usability. The app has a neat interface, and any first-time user can adapt to its functions. Google photos are expanding its wings, and we are waiting for more updates that can make it fly.

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