Google Is Killing Third Party Call Recording Apps On Android

No more call recording apps. Google is introducing a new policy on May 11, which will block all third-party call recording apps from Play Store. Google is taking this step due to privacy concerns.

Even though we give access to third-party apps, we might not know if a call is getting monitored, which is a big privacy concern.

After May 11, third-party call recording apps might be in trouble and may not function properly. Generally, third-party apps use the accessibility API to activate call recording. So, if you are using True Caller to record your conversation after March 11, it might not work.

But, inbuilt native call recording features in the dialer apps will run smoothly and are not affected by the policy. Many devices like Google Phones or MI have an inbuilt recorder, and it will run smoothly, as they do not affect the Google policy.

We are unsure if the third-party apps will move out of the Play store. But this is a big step in improving privacy.

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