Gadgest You Can Buy Under Rs1000

In this era, when the price is just spiking over the roof, finding things in our budget might be challenging. But still, there are occasions when we want to gift ourselves some goodies. So we have sorted the list of gadgets you could purchase with a budget of just Rs1000.

Even if you buy all these products, they will not exceed Rs1000. So go through all and purchase anything that would improve your lifestyle.


The new generation laptops are reducing the number of USB ports for us to connect devices. If you have a USB mouse, keyboard, headset and docking station. Well, I am sure 1 or 2 ports will not be enough.

So the best option will be to add an external USB hub, which could solve our problem partially. Zebronics Zeb-100HB is an excellent product which offers four USB device connections. It has USB 2.0 speed, is backwards compatible, and has a port for an optional adaptor. A great buy within the budget.

Writing Board

This is for you if you are a thinker; always scribbling your thoughts on paper. I say we should go paperless and use products which we can reuse. Yes, some of us might be a little tight in our pockets to go ahead and get a tab, but here is a budget-friendly product that can help you save some money.

Portronics Portable RuffPad is a digital writing pad. This simple product can reduce the amount of money we spend on notebooks. You can write notes, create lists, and draw; it also comes with a stylus. It also has a magnetic base, so you can stick it in any metal base. The only drawback is that you will not be able to save any notes, but the notes will stay until you press the delete button. So, this is your product if you want to scribe something quick for later.

Mobile Holder

We have so many plug points at home where we cannot charge our phones because there are no stands. Well, it is one of the most essential accessories at this moment.

With the wall mount phone holder, we can easily place our phones for charging. And if you have kids, it will be easy to put the phone at a certain height and keep it away from them.

Portable USB Light

Nowadays, all laptops come with a backlit keyboard. But if you are missing one, this would be an excellent add-on if you work at night. It is an easy-to-plug USB light which lights up a small area without disturbing others. It is also helpful to write notes at night, just plug it into your laptop or USB port and focus it on your notebook.

Bluetooth Shutter Control

Have you ever tried to take a group picture with the timer on and run back into the frame, to be a part of it? Well, I believe we all have done that at least once. Well, BlueTooth shutter control solves the problem for you. Once the shutter is paired with your device, it is easy to capture pictures and videos with a button click.

Yes, now we have a palm or smile detection feature to take shots. But, at times, I found it less accurate. It also helps if you are trying to create TikTok or Insta reels.

Well, these are some products that could solve many of your problems. Also, they are so handy; they are easy to carry with your luggage and are not heavy on your pockets.

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