FIFA Mobile 21 is Now Live With the New Season

EA Sports are back with the all-new season of FIFA Mobile 20-21. As always, Install, select your age, build your team with the kickoff pack and enter the world of football on your small screen.

I have been playing the game for some time and found it to be pretty engaging. The graphics are good, controls are simple, and you get to build your team to compete with others.

Now let’s get into more details. As you start the game, you go through the tutorials, which I felt was longer. But, once it is over, they introduce you to an extensive field of play to earn rewards and upgrade your level.
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The graphics are pretty decent. I tried playing the game on the OnePlus5, and it worked smoothly with no lag. The camera movement was fluid, and I loved watching the replays after every goal.

I would not compare the graphics to the PC version because a mobile game has its limitation. But, I believe soon we will have an option to play FIFA across all devices with the same quality.


With good graphics, the gameplay was solid. I understood the settings because the tutorial was very detailed, which helped me to go ahead with the game.

Now about the controls. Now, this might vary from person to person, but I fell in love with the gesture feature. I felt I was more in control of the game with the gesture feature active. Passing the ball between the players was very easy using this setting.

You can also enable Auto-Pass and Shoot, where players can dribble, pass, and shoot without our command. The other basic settings include virtual stick control, Radar, auto-switching, etc.

Gameplay & Features

You start the game with a simple unit and win all the way to build your dream team. FIFA has brought an Academy feature that lets you learn the game and grow your team simultaneously. With each win, you unlock more play modes like Division Rivals, Seasons, Star Pass, etc.

Division Rivals is a feature where you can compete with players online to improve your ranking. You start with Amateur level three and grow to be the FIFA Champion. Divisional Rival matches are like playing highlights of a game. Just like how highlights show vital moments of a game, you will only hit goals in multiple ways, similar to replays on TV. The person who hits the most goals wins.

In Seasons, you will play in distinct divisions like SSE Airtricity, Hero ISL, EFL League, etc. Your team will start competing with teams from Division 10 and win matches to unlock Legends Division.

Once the team excels in matches, you can unlock pro players. There are also perks if you log in daily. The game also has Store, where you can purchase paid packs and FIFA points.

FIFA Mobile 21 also brings ADIDAS GMR integration. Here you can connect your GMR device and unlock rewards by completing the challenges. Now, this feature may or may not be available in your country.

These are just a few of the play modes that I have mentioned. But there are League matchups, UEFA Champions League portal, and a bunch of more features launching soon.


Yes, there are flaws in the game. People are asking about adding commentary, and some are angry that they lost all their progress made in the previous season, etc.

But, this is a mobile game which is giving us a lot for free. I am not saying this should be the only factor to consider, but I believe EA will look at all the comments and bring updates to fix the issues.

FIFA Mobile 21 is a decent game if you want to bring soccer on a 5inch screen.

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