Capcom Now Let’s You Play Resident Evil Village Demo for a Week

Capcom heard the fans and is extending the Resident Evil Village demo for a week. It was splendid news for Resident Evil enthusiasts, as they had been eagerly waiting for the fresh addition to the franchise and meet the tall vampire lady of Dimitrescu.

But Capcom previously announced the limited time of 24hrs to play the 60 minutes demo, which was not well received by the fans. Everybody felt the time limit was short because most people get back after their 9hr shift to find the time has run out. Capcom understood their fans and extended the demo gameplay to a week. The game time limit will be 60 minutes, but you can split the time and play it for seven days.

The demo will be available from May 1st, 5 PM PDT. to May 9th, 5 PM PDT. You can play the game on a Play Station, XBOX, or a PC. Also, the actual release date of the game is 7th May, which gives a two-day overlap.

Now, what is available in the demo? You will have access to two sections, first the eponymous village and second the tall vampire lady layer, Castle Dimitrescu.

Capcom’s decision was excellent to go along with their follower’s requests and not overlooking them. It has placed them in a better position before the launch of the game. Click here to watch the Resident Evil Village trailer.

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