Best Language Learning Apps

Communication is everything. Once people started speaking with each other, the world opened its doorways to many opportunities. The way of communication gave birth to languages, and we have at least 6,500 spoken languages in the world today.

Learning a new language has never been easy, as it needs both your time and commitment. But thanks to technology, we now have many mediums to learn a new language anywhere and anytime.

Below I have listed a few of the best apps and web portals you can use to learn another language.


Busuu is a well-balanced app for language learners. Unlike other applications, Busuu uses listening for context and keeps the learning interactive with more task indulged programs.

After completion of every unit, you can either record or write the answer in the native language. Native speakers will assist you in making any corrections.

Busuu lets you create a study plan as per your schedule.


LingoDeer is the best app to learn Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. Learning new alphabets and grammar through flashcards is the LingoDeer way of teaching.

Like Busuu, you can also set goals here, and they provide different exercises to keep you engaged. This app also provides an offline feature to learn anywhere anytime.


HelloTalk allows you to communicate with people all around the globe. You can learn the language by chatting, sending voice notes, making a video call with native speakers, and also teach what you know.

HelloTalk has a great feature where it will translate and correct the sentence for you.


Anki is a great app to keep in handy while learning a new language. It is a flashcard app, which will show repetitive flashcards for you to memorize.

It supports flash card contents like text, images, sound, etc. Based on your answers, the app will pull up the flashcards.


Drops is an app for visual learners. I would not say that you can learn the language using Drops, but this app would come in handy to keep your memory fresh.

The app is interactive, and you can learn the basics with ease. It is fun to use this app and a visual treat for language learners.

DEF-ISL: iOS, Android

This app is for anyone who wants to learn Sign Language. The Deaf Enabled Foundation has provided free online courses and also released an app recently to educate people.

Language always doesn’t need sound, but actions can make more noise than words.

Would love to know which are the apps or programs you use to learn new languages.

Learn, Communicate, Cheers.

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