Amazing Tech Gifts For Every Marvel Fan

Marvel Cinematic Universe creates ripples with every movie and series they release. They are huge and now turning into a cult. Fans are looking for replicas, gadgets, techs, etc., to add them to their collection.

Since the release of IronMan, the magic of movie watching and the cinematic experience has changed everything. So, today we are going to look at some cool gadgets for the Marvel fan in you.

Star-Lord’s Walkman

Guardians of the Galaxy made the Walkman cool again. Right after, Peter Quill, known as the Star-Lord, walks in singing and dancing to get the infinity stones(which he did not know was in the orb), wearing a Sony Walkman. It increased the demand for the SONY WALKMAN TPS-L2 in the market.

That is the power of a movie. So, if you are looking to buy the Sony Walkman, it could be a little heavy on your pocket. But, there is a cool replica, a voice recorder, and an MP3 player. You can use it as a replica or add your favorite songs to the device.

Joystick Stand

A joystick is very precious for every gamer, and if you are a Marvel fan, you can do some crazy things with your joystick. Users are modifying their joystick body into a Marvel theme, using paint and stickers.

So if you are looking for a place where you can rest your joystick, it’s going to be a Marvel stand. You can find multiple holders featuring famous characters like Deadpool, Iron man, and one of my favorites is the Groot. These are cool stands that take less space and embrace your joystick with care.

Bluetooth Speakers

IronMan is one of the favorite characters for Marvel fans. RD Jr portrayed the role so well that there is no replacement for him. So, here is a cool IronMan Bluetooth speaker to add to your marvel gadgets.

Speaker is a Mark 46 helmet with an LED light-up, FM Radio, and has SD card facility.

Wireless Charger

A Qi-compatible wireless charger, that too with Deadpool theme. It weighs 300gms and works by putting the phone in any orientation. It is also a cool gadget to add to your list.

Disney+ Subscription

Now, this might not add up to a gadget, but this could be the best gift for any marvel fan. Disney+ subscription is where we can watch all our favorite marvel movies and series. So sit together and start a Marvel marathon.

These are some of the gifts for any marvel enthusiast. If you are looking for more gifts for tech friends, here is the list of 10 Amazing Gift Ideas.

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