6 Stress Buster Games You Need

Stress is real. Every day we all go through so much pressure in work, college, and school. Therefore we all are looking for ways to reduce the burden in many ways. People travel, meditate, read, go for a movie or play games.

Well, this is the list for the gamer in you. I have collated a list of a few simple stress buster games which will carry you to the world of their madness.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. The game-play is simple and soothing. Therefore that makes this one of the best stress buster games on the list.

Alto is the character in the game, who slides downhill by staying away from obstacles. The visuals and music are amazing, which changes more and more you travel down the game.
Android, iOS


Orbia was suggested to me by a friend. When I started playing this for the first time, I got immersed in the world of Orbia. This game has a Universe of its own; beautiful maps, superb soundtracks, and unknown creatures lurking around.

Beautiful game-play and simple tasks make this game unique. One of the best features of this game is the character revival. If you die in-game, you can get back into the game from the previous checkpoint. Orbia is a great game to relax and play.
Android, iOS

Angry Birds 2

What a better way to release your anger, but by just slingshotting a few birds out into the sky. It’s fun to see them fly and crash into the pigs. Angry Birds released in 2009 and still has been one of the ideal games ever designed for a smartphone.

Rovio almost reached bankruptcy when they created Angry Birds, and the game changed their lives. This app is marvelous for everyone.
Android, iOS


If you all loved the old Nokia Game Tower Bloxx, then Stack is your cup of tea. As its name suggests, we have to stack blocks on top of each other to build a tower. The taller the tower grows, the visuals get more beautiful and create layers of color shades pleasing to eyes.

Stack is an elegantly designed game with great graphics and music. Just raise a tower and compete with the world to become the highest scorer.
Android, iOS

Crossy Road

Now let’s get down to the fun gaming session. Crossy Road is a game where you make your character to cover traffic, cross the river, jump away from alligators, and the rail tracks to keep it alive. 

The characters include a chicken, a Queen’s guard, and also a T-Rex. Crossy Road kinda answers the old question, why did the chicken cross the road?  Well, you also find out and play this fun game.
Android, iOS

Daddy Was A Thief

A light-hearted game to connect the plug of plunder. Swipe down, crash through the walls and collect as many coins as you can. Destroy the furniture, TV, gas, fridge, and jump into the bathtub to ride the joy of destruction.

Daddy was a thief has more than a billion downloads and counting. It is an easygoing game to play and enjoy.
Android, iOS

We are in a time where everyone is stressed and busy. But I would suggest we should step back a little have some time for ourselves, so we can get back like a boomerang and be more productive and proactive.

There are not just games, but also many applications that could help you unwind. I would love to hear from you people on the comments, the games and apps you use as a stress buster.

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