5 Best Free Task Manager Apps

You know what’s tricky? Working on so many tasks together, you don’t know what’s coming next. Someone might suggest, “Why don’t you multitask?” In my experience, multitasking is the most tedious chore. The amount of effort you put into multitasking will lead to losing focus and increase the opportunity for errors. 

But, if you focus on one task, you can complete that on time and improve your precision. So, how can you manage all these tasks? There are so many mediums to keep your notes, and one among them is a task manager application. The apps may vary depending on what your needs are. So always use a few and decide which app suits you better and is easy for your purpose. 

Below are five free apps that can help you organize and manage your tasks better. The apps are in random order, and you can start with any of them.

Todoist: to-do list & planner

Todoist is one of the most famous task planner apps. You can use the app for daily reminders, habit tracking, project management, etc. The USP for this app is the usage of natural language recognition. If you type “Remind me about groceries tomorrow,” it will pick up the reminder date from your input and automatically set it. So you don’t have to open dates and set them manually. The app is simple and has a user-friendly interface. The app is free but has a pro version with additional features.

TickTick: To-do list & Tasks

TickTick is an easy-to-use app where adding the details is much easier. A cross-platform app spread across Web, Android, Wear OS Watch, iOS, Mac & PC. You can create tasks and spread them across groups to help you manage priorities. You can also quickly input your tasks and notes through typing or voice inputs. The app also has a premium version, which gives you additional features like widgets, more reminders, themes, and sharing the task with others.

Any.do – To-do list & Calendar.

Any.do will help you to create a to-do list, reminders, notes, daily planners, and calendars. It is one of the best task manager apps to keep all tasks organized in one place. It also includes a simple UI, easy to navigate and the option to add chores quickly. With “Any. do,” you easily collab with your teams and families. Another critical factor is integrating with apps like Google Calendar, Gmail, and Dropbox.

Microsoft To Do: Lists & Tasks

If you use Microsoft more often, you should try this app. To-Do can easily integrate with apps like Outlook, Cortana, and Planner, making managing tasks from different sources easy. It has a personalized daily planner, which suggests lessons based on your previous activities. The app is available on multiple platforms, hence making it easily accessible. You can share the tasks with friends or team members to work collaboratively.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks helps you quickly add tasks and integrate easily with Gmail and Google Calendar. One of the USPs of this app is the option to add subtasks, which allows you to break down your tasks into multiple segments. The app also lets you create tasks from emails, and you can view the tasks on the side panels in Gmail. The app is part of G Suite, which brings Google’s suite of powerful, intelligent apps to businesses and allows for seamless team collaboration. 

These are some of the best task manager apps you can try now.

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