5 Best Free Android and iOS Games Based On Movies

Movies and games have been creating ripples every time they come together. The most recent hit was when Henry Cavill portrayed the role of The Witcher, which won the award for one of the best games of the year. The adaptation of the game into the series surprised the fans.

So today, we are going to look at the best games inspired by movies.


The Marvel cinematic universe is expanding every day. It all started with Robert Downey Jr playing Iron Man, and the Avengers End Game movie brought the entire universe to one screen.

Similarly, MARVEL Strike Force brings all characters in a single platform. It is a squad RPG game, where you have to assemble your team and fight mighty villains. After each fight, you will earn credits and rewards to upgrade your character. You can also unlock other characters and fight along with them.

The game has marvelous graphics, excellent combats, and a turn-based RPG gameplay.

MARVEL Strike Force

Real Steel

The Real Steel movie was an enormous box office hit, released in 2011. Our favorite Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, played the character of a father who is trying his luck to win the championships using robots.

Well, the developers tried to keep the essence of the movie in the game. You can choose from two games provided by the developers. Both the games have the same metal to metal bashing matches, upgrading your characters from zero to higher levels. Win games to enhance the quirks of your robot and compete with other users online.

You also get to play with characters like Atom, Noisy Boy, Zeus, etc. It’s a good game inspired by the movie.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing
World Robot Boxing 2

Men In Black

How can anyone forget Agent J, Agent K, Frank the Pug, and Zed? After watching the movie for the first time, I believed aliens do walk among us. The film had two important storylines, find the aliens and capture them, or destroy them. Well, I have sorted two different MIB games that cover both these aspects.

The first app is MIB: Galaxy Defenders Free 3D Alien Gun Shooter. If you are a fan of sniper games, then this is your cup of tea. You will play as a character shooting down the aliens from an extensive range and in close combat battles. You can play alongside other players to destroy alien bosses and save the world.

The second game is Men in Black AR: MIB Game – Alien Battle RPG. Now, this is an AR-based game like Pokemon Go or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Just like Pokemon Go, you need to walk around the area to find and capture the aliens. Along with fighting aliens, you will also come across rogue agents to battle. It is one of the best location-based PvP game for the MIB universe.

Men in Black AR: Best MIB Game – Alien Battle RPG
MIB: Galaxy Defenders Free 3D Alien Gun Shooter

Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg has always amazed us with his movies. And when he took us to the world of dinosaurs walking among us, it was magical. 

If you are a Jurrasic Park fan, here are two amazing games in the Play Store for you to explore. The first one is Jurassic World: The Game. This game resembles the new Jurrasic World movie where Chris Prat plays the role of a trainer. In the game, you can fight battles between dinosaurs, evolve them, create hybrids, run the park, and collect credits to upgrade your Jurrasic World.

The next game is Jurassic Park World, which falls under the category of Pokemon Go. In the game, you will find dinosaurs, collect their DNA using drones to unlock and upgrade your favorite dinosaurs. There are also supply drops, which are available in almost every place. In supply drops, you can collect prizes like darts, coins, supplies, food, etc. There is also a battle mode option, which you can unlock after collecting four dinosaurs. You can use these creatures and compete against others to unlock more DNA. 

You can also use the DNA to unlock rare dinosaurs and use them in battle mode. Both are splendid games to walk and create a world of dinosaurs on your smartphone.

Jurassic World™: The Game
Jurassic World Alive

Star Wars

It has been over forty years since they released the first Star Wars movie, and the fan base has just been growing ever since. 

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a turn-based RPG game. You can unlock characters and upgrade their levels. The game gets interesting because users have to play out the right strategy to win the battles. Also, as the game gets tough, users need to level up the mods and gears to get stronger.

Now, what makes this game interesting is the graphics, audio, and gameplay. It is a cool game for Star Wars Fans.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

These are just a few suggestions from the entire ocean of apps. I would like to hear your recommendation in the comments below.

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