5 Best Apps You Will Try in August, 2021

Every so often, we come across apps that take away the world by storm, and there are a few gems that are still left unearthed. Well, I have excavated a few, and here is the list of the five best apps for August 2021.

Plant-Based Recipes and Diet App

An app that will give you a plethora of veg recipes to control your diet. You can set personalized diet plans, find recipes based on your selected categories, and get suggestions considering your health condition.

The app is not limited to just sharing the recipes, but you can add ingredients to your shopping list and use it offline. It has a water intake tracker, workout routines, and wellness programs like yoga and meditation.

If you are beginning to design a diet-rich healthy meal plan to lose weight, get fit and learn cooking, this app is a must-download.


The Clubhouse is a new social media platform with a bit of a twist. Unlike other social media apps that give us multiple options to share content, Clubhouse is a voice-only app. You can host or join rooms that have live audio conversations.

You can create a handle and follow rooms as per your interests. There is always some conversation happening live and, it is easy to join and leave a conversation. It is a great app, where voice is the primary mode of communication.

Moonbeam | Podcast Discovery

Moonbeam is unlike other podcasts. I was able to opt for my favorite genre and listen to quick and curated moments of the podcasts on the go. Once you select your interests, the app will automatically suggest the best short content from multiple podcasts.

Also, if you are a podcast host? You can create new content in the app.


One way to be benefited from your workout sessions is to eat right and consume the right amount of calories. But, eating boiled veggies every day will make you break the pact someday. But the Slurrp app can help you to continue your journey of a healthy life.

The app suggests dishes and drinks based on your selected cuisines, type of diet, health goals, and cooking skills. Users can also enter the food they don’t like and details about their allergies.

Slurrp is a terrific app that will assist you in selecting your favorite meals, count calories and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Spotify Greenroom – Talk Live Music, Sports & More

Spotify released another app, which is competing with Clubhouse. Spotify Greenroom is a place where you can meet people with likes and thoughts similar to you. You can join groups, interact with the community, share your ideas and convey your message.

The app also lets you create a room and exchange invite with your followers. You might wonder, both Clubhouse and Greenroom have the same features, so which one should I select?

Well, if you have a Spotify account, you can use the same ID to log in with Greenroom. Also, it has a chat option, but Clubhouse is voice only. So I would suggest using both and see what suits you better.

These were some cool apps for August, 2021. We would like to hear thoughts and your favorite finds in the comments below.

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