5 Best Apps of the Week

Our eyes, brains, and fingers are continuously surfacing through the touchscreen. We are gliding through a wide variety of apps and web content to find things that can make our life easier. So, we thought to reduce your time and effort, to offer the best apps every week.

We are starting a new series, and here is the first edition of the best apps of the week. Also, we will look at events that took place last week.

DC Comics App: DC is bringing back the mobile app that is focusing on comics. As they move the DC movies to HBO MAX, now they are concentrating on apps for comics.

Trump Account Suspended: Twitch has suspended Trump’s profile for inciting violence. Other platforms like Twitter have also banned his account for promoting violence.

Otter.ai Extension: Otter has released a new chrome extension, where people can now transcribe Google Meet calls in real-time. The extension also works seamlessly for free users. Otter extension also works with Zoom, but you need a premium subscription to run that.⠀


Find detailed information about your device with CoreSpecs. You can examine the sensors of your phone and track data in real-time. Also, test the accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, compass, light, etc. It is an all-embracing app for developers.

PoMelo File Explorer – File Manager & Cleaner

If you need a file manager that looks clean and minimalist, then PoMelo is the best option. It has a neat interface with all the information on the home page.

Once you allow storage access, the files sort automatically by categories, and it gets straightforward to navigate between different files. We can also add bookmarks for our favorite folder by long-press action. The app offers some extra features like adding reminders for CPU optimization, boost memory, and set notifications for low battery and junk file removal.

The only problem I felt was that as the app is free, it has many ads. But, if that is not an issue, this could be a great storage management app.

Little Nightmares Comics

Bandai Namco brings together the little Nightmare series as an app in a comic format. They have stitched together six original stories with immersive graphics and eerie music. The app now has the first two episodes, and the rest will come soon.

It is a promotional app as the new Little Nightmares 2 is coming to PS, Switch, Xbox, and PC on 11th Feb 2021. Make sure to turn on the music by tapping the sound icon on the top right corner.

DM Me – All your Chats in One App (Early Access)

We have so many messaging applications right now that we get confused about where to contact whom. Most famous among all is What’s App. But, because of recent policy changes, people have moved to Telegram and Signal.

So if you find it hard to know who is using what, then DM Me is the app to try. DM Me will showcase all the contacts with the messaging app you have in common. You can then prioritize your fav app and also customize a specific app for a single person. The app also gives you the freedom to change theme, priority, hide unsupported contacts, etc.


Focus is a live wallpaper app. It gives the freedom to control the gyroscope speed, graphic quality, and frame rate.

Focus is a premium app, and you can buy the upgrades to unlock features like gradient types, change the background color, etc.

These are some apps shortlisted for the week. We would love to know some new apps you have tried and suggest to our readers.

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