5 Awesome Gadgets You Need For Everyday Use

Everyday use means they have to be lightweight, easy to carry, and take less space. These gadgets listed below cover all these aspects and play a significant role in your day-to-day activities.

Well then, let us look at the best gadgets that you need for daily use.

URBN – Power Bank

We carry at least two smart gadgets with us every day. A smartphone for sure, but the other could be a smartwatch, a Wi-Fi dongle, or a mini speaker. They all need a battery backup, and carrying a huge power bank will not be the right option for everyday use.

So, here is a compact PowerBank by URBN. It is a solid 10000mAh Li-Polimer PowerBank. It weighs 180Gms and a dual-port option for charging your devices.

Pocket Tool – Creatif Ventures Wallet Ninja

How many of you carry a bottle opener, a phone stand, or a ruler? Yes, there might be only a few who have it in their bag. But what if you can carry 18 tools in your wallet?

Wallet Ninja is a multi-purpose credit card sized pocket tool kit. It has 18 tools like a screwdriver, an opener, bottle opener, peeler, and it also acts as a cellphone stand. The gear is lightweight and fits in your wallet.

Mark Safety

Mark Safety is a spot LED torch light with a 40ft beam reach. You can carry it with your keys or in the pocket. The torch also comes with a USB charging facility.

Mark Safety is water-resistant, and the light comes in four different colors.

Portronics Swipe – Screen Cleaner

Not to make it cringy, but our smartphone carries the highest amount of bacteria. To be more specific, it is one of the dirtiest objects we use every day. So, keeping it clean is a necessity.

Well, here is Portronics Swipe. It has a mini spray and a wipe cleaner. It is easy to carry and works on all electronic devices.

Fortezza – RFID/NFC Blocking Card

RFID blocker is a necessity for us. We have RFID blocking wallets out in the market. But if you already have a wallet and don’t want to change it. Then the RFID blocking card is for you.

Fortezza is the same size as a bank card. It does not require any battery and can protect cards within a 2.5cm range on both sides. It can block any card that has a 13.56mhz frequency range. Cards like credit/debit card, mobile phone NFC, access cards, etc.

So, these are some cool gadgets you can carry and play a vital role in your day-to-day activities. We would like to hear about other gizmos you use every day.

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