3 Simple Ways To Control Your Smartphone Usage

A smartphone is a part of our lives now. We use our mobiles all the time to explore answers, play games, connect with people, entertainment or even break an egg.

But have you ever felt your smartphone usage is over the limit? If yes, below are three simple tricks for you to reduce phone usage.

Find What You Use the Most

You would have heard this dialogue in many movies. Before finding the solution, find the problem. So first, understand where you spend most of the time or which app is keeping you hooked. You can find the mobile usage if you go to settings > Apps & Notifications > Screen Time. I bet the results might shock you with the phone usage data.

You can also use apps like YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker & Controller, ActionDash: Screen Time Helper & Self Control to track phone usage. These apps will give a picture of how many times you have used your phone, the number of unlocks, which app you use the most, etc.

Block Apps – Productivity & Digital Wellbeing

App notifications keep us distracting whenever we are busy, or working on a deadline, or even when we want to do nothing. Yes, we can set our phones silent, but what if we miss an important message or a call?

Well, Block Apps will help you restrict applications for a period. Users can select a specific app from the list and run a timer to block any notification and regulate their usage. The app provides a strict mode. Once the strict setting is on, the user has to restart the phone to unlock the application.

Forest – Focus Timer for Productivity

We are in a time where our eyes are constantly on-screen, our fingers are scrolling through the contents and tapping hearts or likes. Snapping out of it would be hard. But we can start slowly by keeping the phone away for a brief interval.

And the right app for that is Forest. We can begin by setting a timer, and each time you complete the task, you will grow a tree and slowly turn into a forest. But, if you close the app immediately, the tree will die.

Although it is a simple challenge, this will help you keep the phone away for a shorter period.

I know it might be hard to begin, but slowly we can bring the change we need.

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