10 Best Apps for June 2020

The quality and usability of the apps are improving day by day. With another month, we are bringing the best apps for June 2020.

We have compiled five apps, one wallpaper application, and four games for you.

Action Blocks

Action blocks is an app by Google, which helps you to create shortcuts to simplify your mundane tasks. You can complete your routine tasks with one tap.

Users can create buttons on the home screen which can perform actions like making a phone call, start a video chat, play YouTube videos, set alarms, etc.

Also, users can create custom actions like setting a reminder, open calendar, or any task Google assistants can perform. The app also has home control actions like Set temperature and turning on/off lights.

Besides, action Blocks can be useful for people with dementia, Down syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, or other conditions. Users can also set these functions for people who have age-related issues.

This app is useful for everyone who wants to simplify things.

Dolby On

Record your audios with better quality and reduce the background noise with Dolby On. A fabulous app for creators to record podcasts, YouTube videos, music, etc.

Users can record both audio and video using the app. We can customize the audio with options like reducing background noise, change bass or treble, etc.

The app has many sound setting styles like amped, lyric, deep, natural, standard, and thump. Users can share these edited contents with SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and also save to the device.
Android, iOS

How We Feel

How We Feel is the project established to figure out and fight the COVID – 19 situation. The app does not ask for any login details like a name, phone number, or email.

All it takes is 30 seconds to complete the survey. And the app only asks age, location, how you are feeling, do you have any symptoms, have you ever tested for COVID, etc.
Doctors and scientists use this data to understand the COVID situation and be ready if there is the next outbreak.

How We Feel project has support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It also has scientists from McGovern Institute, Harvard T.H. Chan, IQSS, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, etc.

If we give 30 seconds of our time to complete the survey, it will help doctors to fight the pandemic.
Android, iOS

Rotation Manager

I love reading eBooks in landscape mode. But turning on/off the rotation manager always gets a little hectic. If I want to keep the auto mode on, then it gets more difficult because the screen jumps around from portrait to landscape even with the slight tilt.

But I solved this issue using the rotation manager app. The app lets you set customized rotation options like auto, portrait, or landscape mode for each app.

Also, the Rotation manager will work only on apps that have default rotation features. The UI is simple, and it will list out all the applications in its dashboard. Users can customize with a single tap.

TruePick’s – Unique 4K Wallpapers

TruePick’s is a wallpaper app, but it has a few more tricks in its pocket than its competitors. It provides you with custom setups for the home screen on your smartphone. It has a different home screen setups to choose from as per your interest.

Also, each setup will give you details like the name of the launcher used, icon pack, wallpaper, widget, and the name of the creator. I found it very easy to customize my home screen with the app.

Users also have an option to take part in tasks and events to win premium icon packs, widgets, etc. Creators can also upload their customized setups into TruePick’s and get featured in the app.

They also have a news portal that gives a notification about the latest KWGT widgets, wallpapers, etc. Now, this app is a one-stop-shop for all your home screen customization.

Volume Styles

Volume Styles will change your stock volume slider into a powerful tool. It has lots of features that help to customize and alter designs of the panel as per our interest.

Now, It has a few elegant volume slider themes from iOS, One UI, MIUI, Oxygen OS, EMUI, Realme UI, etc. The app also gives an option to customize colors, change the slider length, thickness, corner radius, and add automatic dark mode options to the panel.

Users can add shortcuts like taking a screenshot, split-screen, flashlight, toggle rotation, open apps, on top of the volume sliders. The app comes in both free and premium versions. And, the option to add a flashlight, control rotation, and the open app features fall under the paid version.

Griddie Islands

It is a casual game on a small island with tiny fleas and unusual characters named Griddies. You start the game by placing Griddies on the island. Once Griddies are placed on the island, the fleas jump around with excitement to make money.

Now, each Griddie has levels, and you can merge the same level Griddies to upgrade it to the next level.

Griddies make more money when the level is higher. You can use the funds to buy a more expensive Griddie. There are over 50 plus levels available in the game to play and merge.

The game is entertaining. So merge, build, and make flea money.
Android, iOS

KartRider Rush+

If you are looking for a multi-player racing game, then KartRider Rush+ is the app for you. The game gives you a quick explosion of action thrilled kart racing. In the game, users have to overcome obstacles on the racetrack, and time the drift correctly to be ahead of other racers.

Also, there are many modes to select like the Story mode, Speed Race, Arcade, Ranked, and Time Trial mode. You can also compete with other racers or team up with a club to go up the leader board. There are over forty-five plus tracks and twenty carts to select in the game.

Besides that, users can customize their character and compete with many players online to unlock exciting rewards and features.
Android, iOS

Hello Human

Solve puzzles with a witty AI trying to learn about humans. With each level, the game gets harder, and with more difficulty, the AI becomes more sarcastic and funny.

The name of the AI is Tapsy, and he will challenge you to solve witty puzzles and use sarcasm as a weapon. In the middle, he would even become your friend to gain confidence.

It is a neat puzzle game with simple UI and challenging levels.
Android, iOS

Word Show

If you are a fan of word games, then you will love Word Show. On each level, connect the letters to create a word and win the challenge.

You can also use the letters many times to build a word. A splendid game to learn and improve your vocabulary. There is no pressure to complete the challenge on time and you can play at your own pace.

It has over 250 levels of puzzles and crosswords to enjoy and build your diction.
Android, iOS

These are just a few apps that we have mentioned on the list. We would love to know more about the new applications that you found interesting.

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