10 Best Apps for August 2020

Welcome to month eight, and we are bringing the best apps and games for August 2020. The list includes five apps and five games for you to explore.

The month of August will be significant, as the most awaited Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones might release this month. Well, with new phones, come new unique features. And with unique features come apps that can transform your phone into a smart tool.

So let’s get into the list of ten best apps and games for August 2020.

Armoni Launcher – iOS 14 Launcher PRO

Armoni Launcher gives your Android phone the feel of the iOS. The icons, the widgets, the app folders, everything will flip to the iOS theme. The app lets you change the icon names, add them to folders, and also move them to the home screen.

Armoni also adds widgets like lunar calendar, quick contacts, iOS battery, which are like the iOS UI. The app also gives the user an option to switch between light and the dark mode.

I love domino art. Placing thousands of dominoes close to each other and then tapping one of them to form a beautiful artwork. Well, how is that not fun? But getting thousands of domino at home might be a little tricky.

However, thanks to Google Creative Lab, we can now place dominoes anywhere you want. Google created a new AR app called Lines Of Play, which lets you place dominoes in the actual world. It needs no fancy sensor or add-ons, but just your camera app.

So open the app and place dominoes in your office, classroom, in a subway, or your bathroom. I think it can be a great stress buster app.

Motion Cam

Motion Cam is an incredible app if you love to capture raw images and work on it. The app gives full control to the user to capture and edit the picture. You can manually control the shutter speed, ISO, adjust shadows, exposure, color, white balance, etc.

Also, the app captures multiple images and merges them to reduce the noise. You can even save the image in DNG format for further editing. The app needs a high-end phone to run and Camera2 API support, as suggested by the developers.

Panels – custom sidebar, widget and app launcher

With Panels, you can bring together all your favorite apps at the edge of your screen. It is a quick app drawer, which can be easily accessible from any page of your smartphone.

Add apps, widgets, app drawer, contacts, and access shortcuts using the Panels. The app can also use the icon pack available in your device or download a new icon pack for personalization. You can adjust the color, size, and the number of apps to be visible in the drawer.

Panels app is on my favorite on this list because it just made things easy between me and the apps.

MiniReview – Android Game Reviews & Gameplay

Are you tired of getting suggestions from Google Play based on the games you have installed? Well, then you need MiniReview. It is a simple app that brings forward the latest games released on Google Play.

Not only that, but you can filter games based on categories, release date, ratings, etc. Know more about unreleased games, which games have got the latest updates, and also save your favorites.

The app shows ratings by different users, and you can also become a reviewer by sending the developers a request. It is a great app to unearth the less explored games.

Agent from C.O.G.O.O. (Minesweeper)

Once you have understood the whole concept of how the Minesweeper works, you will fall in love with this game. It is a new take on a minesweeper where you are working to find hidden, infiltrating secret agents.

Your motive is to save the world from a criminal organization. There are over 500+ levels, where you can Select maps of countries, with levels varying between easy and crazy. One of the best Minesweeper games I have played recently.
Android, iOS

Farewell – Roguelike Platform Shooter

You are underground and have to climb up fighting enemies. That is what Farewell is all about. It is a vertical climbing, shooting arcade game with multiple characters to unlock. Each character has unique skills and power.

It is a simple game, but it took me some time to get around with it. You can jump in mid-air to move up and fire. There are many levels, crazy enemies, and power-ups in the game.

Stealth Master

Here is another unique game by SayGames. This time you are a Ninja where you have to climb up every level to nullify the guards with your Katana, to complete the contract. Each floor will have tight security, and you have to move swiftly to keep away from watchdogs.

You can also level up the speed, armor, and health of your character. The game is simple, and goals are achievable. But the twist comes when you act like a ninja to hide and attack quickly.
Android, iOS

Spirit Sprint

Spirits run through the wilderness in the form of different animals. In the game, you will be the spirits transforming into animals on air, land, and water. Collect coins and use power-ups to crush the barriers in front.

It is a beautiful runner game. There are three different game-plays, soothing music, and great animation to play and relax.
Android, iOS


WinWing is an intensely fun aerial shooting game. Hop on to your flight and shoot down the enemies coming to attack you. You can select any aircraft and upgrade the weapons, body, and power up after each level.

It has simple gameplay with a bird’s-eye view to spot the enemies easily. WinWing clears all the criteria to be a superb arcade shooting game for 2020.
Android, iOS

Well, I hoped you all liked the list and would love to know which are your favorite games that you explored in the new month. Also, here is the link to the top best apps of July 2020, if you missed.

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