10 Best Apps and Games for July 2020

We are bringing you the list of 10 best apps and games for July 2020. We are in an era where we have an application for everything. I recently got a suggestion for a game, where we can run a prison. I was like what!!! Yet, I installed and played that game.

Well, with no diversion, here is the list of the best apps and games for July 2020.

  • Acture
  • Bundled Notes
  • Computer Launcher (Dark theme)
  • FilterBox – Pro Notification Manager
  • Mi Control Center: Notifications and Quick Actions
  • SayCheese – Remote Camera
  • Wallnut 
  • Neon Flytron
  • PewPew Live
  • Shadow Knight: Deathly Adventure RPG


What if there is a way to find out what you did on your mobile the entire day? Yes, there is a tracker inbuilt on many phones to check your app usage. But do you know why you used that app?

Acture app can help you with that. Once you activate Acture, it will ask for a reason you want to unlock your phone? Give a valuable response and start using your device.

Well, it’s all up to you to be genuine, and it will give you an understanding of how you spent your day.
Android, iOS

Bundled Notes – lists, writing, to-do, reminders

Bundled Notes is a new app to keep all your smartphone scribbling in one place. Write notes, create a task or movie list, set reminders, write your blog, and do a lot more within this app.

Bundled notes is a great app to keep your data organized with impressive layout and features. The app also has themes like dark, light, OLED, etc. It also has an in-app purchase for the pro version.

Computer Launcher (Dark theme)

If you are a Windows user, you will be familiar with Windows 10. What if you could bring the same feeling of working on a computer into your smartphone? Well, yes, that is what the Computer Launcher app does.

Also, it changes the whole layout of the phone into a computer version. There is a start menu, taskbar, desktop icons, notification panel on the right corner, and even a recycle bin. I loved this theme launcher because it is flexible and easy to customize.

However, it is a superb app if you bored with the typical stock themes on your phones.

FilterBox – Pro Notification Manager

Pop-up notifications give us a quick look at our messages, emails, etc. Yet, if the number of apps is more, then managing them becomes a task.

Although, thanks to FilterBox, we can manage all the notifications in one place. The app shows all our pop-ups in its panel in the timeline format. It also gives the option to keep our pop-up history for 30 days.

But the feature I loved is the custom rules setup. Users can set rules on what type of content to display in the notification panel. You can set restrictions on apps, set what time you want the pop-ups, and also add custom actions on pop-ups.

This app also comes with four different themes and is free for 30 days. After the trial period, you need to buy the full version.

Mi Control Center: Notifications and Quick Actions

MI Control Center app will change your experience with the notification and quick action panel. The app has two layouts to choose from, and we can personalize both as per our wish.

Also, I found the edge trigger layout as one of the most amazing features. As, we can bring down the notification panel from any side, using this option.

However, we can also change colors, add a background, and change the layout with ease.

SayCheese – Remote Camera

Before, when we used to travel in a group, I found it hard to get everyone in a picture. There were only three options that we had to take a pic. One of us will not be there in the pic. Or we have to set the timer and run. Or else, give the camera to someone else and be ready to run if they take off with the camera.

But then we got a selfie camera. It is good, but then comes a hand or a selfie stick in our pictures.

However, SayCheese can solve all these problems. The app lets you control your camera remotely from another phone. Use one phone as the control and the other phone as a camera.

An easy go option, to get all in the frame.

Wallnut – Twix your Homescreen

Wallnut is a free premium wallpaper app and has an excellent collection of wallpaper by Twix. They have pictures in categories like abstract nature, shapes, sketch, etc.

Also, all wallpapers are unique and create a great ambiance on your smartphone. The pictures might look out of quality in the app. But the developers do that to speed up the loading time.

Wallnut gives full access to all wallpapers for free.

Neon Flytron

The first time I played this game, it reminded me of the movie The Fifth Element. It had flying cars, tall towers in compact colonies, trains running through skyscrapers, etc.

Imagine the same plot in the cyberpunk theme and ambiance. The gameplay is neat, where you have to collect coins, customize your vehicle, and jump through obstacles. Also, the game has smooth steering with just one finger and glorious music to keep you engaged.

It’s a game rich in color and music.

PewPew Live

Neon lights, retro music, multiplayer option, what else do you need in a game. PewPew Live is a simple multidirectional shooting game. It has different game modes like Eskiv, Hexagon, Asteroids, and Fury.

The game also has a multiplayer option, where you can create a room with friends and enjoy the game. It runs with a smooth 60fps graphics, with great retro graphics and music.

PewPew Live has no ads or purchases.

Shadow Knight: Deathly Adventure RPG

Shadow knight comes with a great storyline and a superb RPG gameplay experience. You enter the world of Harmonia, where you fight with the shadow monsters to save the world.

With excellent gameplay, comes great graphics and fantasy story. Users can also Gear up their characters in style, and complete missions to earn more rewards. You can later use these rewards to upgrade the characters to fight against the bosses.

Make your characters powerful and will every challenge.
Android, iOS

These are the list of best apps and games as of July 2020. I will continue to bring more articles on the List of Best Apps every month and would love to know your comments on your favorite new apps.

Also, here is the list of Best Apps and Games as of June 2020, if you have missed.

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