Welcome the new Android Q

Android Q is out with the new beta version. This time Google has come out with many changes in the new OS. One of the most important features is the native dark mode on the phone which could increase battery performance. New battery remaining estimate is available on the navigation bar.

Google added new theme options settings. Where we can toggle the theme color, change the font and select from various icon shapes. Google has tightened control over privacy. Now we can provide apps defined permission on they can use the location service.

The quick share shortcuts are now more efficient in Q as they all load up at once. Another promising feature is the wifi sharing tool. We can add another user just by scanning the QR code.

We still don’t know what does Q stand for. Could it be QUESITO or Quesadilla? It’s still early to decide anything. We hope the new changes come up with fewer problems and more comfort.