Turn Your Google Calendar into Space Invaders

I was checking my Google Calendar for any upcoming meetings. That is when I found the play game icon in the settings bar and the next second I am blasting all my scheduled meeting invitation like a Space Invader.

Yes, Google is out with another Easter egg after Google Maps Snake game. You can turn your Google Calendar into Space invaders game. All the Google Calendar appointment slots drop to cross the screen, while we have to move the menu button as a laser gun. Using arrow keys to move and space bar to shoot.

To start the game open Google Calendar on the browser. Select the gear icon and click on play game. Pew Pew sounds kill the dropping meeting invitation and if you lose it ends with Waah Waahh Waaaahhhh. With each level, the meeting invitation waves become more.

Just go to calendar.google.com to destroy the meeting schedules.