Nintendo Switch Online is free for Amazon Prime Users

Amazon Prime users can now avail a free one-year subscription to Nintendo Switch Online Service through Twitch Prime Perks Page

This membership costs $4 per month or $20 annual membership. But Now subscribers can claim a free three months membership and after sixty days renew it for another nine months. The idea is to stop people from claiming a free year subscription and not using it. Also, keep people more engaged with the platform.

The deal is open for both new and existing users. If you already have an NSO subscription, you are in luck. The new offer will get added to your current existing plan. Also, current members have to use the plan intelligently to get more benefits, as Nintendo does not allow you to build free subscription for over three years.

Switch online offers many benefits to switch players. Ability to play games online, access to multi-player mode, cloud save, access to classic NES games, in-game skin for Apex Legends and Call of Duty 4, and exclusive titles like Tetris 99. Twitch prime offers a free subscription to Twitch Channel and more options to customize chat experience.

The new offer covers none family plans and has only individual access. The last date for the subscription of three months plan is 24th September and 28th January to redeem nine months plan. Setting a reminder will be a great option to claim your service with no interruption.