Best Applications to Increase Productivity

Smartphones have now turned into small supercomputers, with the capability to do the task efficiently. We now have a personal assistant in our hands to perform activities like make calls, create an appointment, taking notes, send messages, etc. With introducing multiple applications, the phone can interact in a way never imagined before. Similarly, apps can help us to boost yourself and reduce repetitive tasks.

Here are the applications to increase productivity.


Buffer makes you feel like the Captain Planet of social media management: The Power is Yours. This tool has the flexibility to handle multiple accounts, schedule time to post contents on social media and analyze performance. Buffer offers apps and browsers extensions in Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Free users can manage 3 social media accounts and can schedule 10 posts per social account. Premium plans give access to add more users and we can post more content. Buffer premium also gives access to advanced features such as analytics, link shortening, and content creation tools.


Backing up photos to the cloud accounts, messaging your roommate or family member when you are near the grocery. Having smart lights turn on themselves when you return home from work. These are cool features of this application. It helps you in automating your daily tasks on your phone. Besides the pre-built applets, Users can also build custom tasks from these applets and services. Combining multiple tasks and triggers in an “If This, Then That” structure (from which the app takes its name).


A digital bulletin board that is highly customizable is Trello. We can use it to set up anything from tasks, notes, to do lists and more. Users can create boards based on the project and keep a track efficiently. It can share all of this with other users, with provisions for creating new cards, adding comments, and assigning tasks. Trello uses the Kanban system of task management. Kanban is a Japanese word which means Sign, cards or billboards.


Knowing how you spend your day is very helpful in making you more productive. Hours can track the time you spend or your tasks and other activities. We can view on screen reports on the app and also can email CSV or PDF reports. We can also sync Hours on the web and track time from the desktop.


With the LastPass application, you will never waste time fiddling with your login and passwords ever again. The LastPass app is a password vault and a strong password generator. This app includes Secure Notes features for important information you want to bring along in encrypted form.  Also, if you have multiple devices, you can synchronize the password database between these devices and keep it hassle-free.


If paperwork is a part of your day job, then you will love Scanbot. It scans documents using the phone and turning your physical documents into virtual ones. You can also get your documents emailed by giving a quick scan which keeps it safe from loss or damage.